Construction Begins on the Great Bustard's Nest Visitor Centre in Salonta

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1 September 2020

As the order has been issued, construction may now begin.

Construction Begins on the Great Bustard's Nest Visitor Centre in Salonta

The municipality of Salonta announces the construction of The Great Bustard's Nest has begun in the south-western part of the city, at the exit to Arad and Hungary. The command for the commencement of works was issued on 5 July 2020, and the investment will be completed by the beginning of 2021. Although initially the project should have been completed in August 2020, the delay of the public procurement procedures for the completion of the technical project, the construction works determined the need to extend the project with another year.

Development and construction works include a tourist centre for the promotion of the natural assets and heritage, the landscaping of the reed lake, a bicycle track and an observation tower, as well as a vital element for the conservation of the Great Bustards - approximately 6 km medium-voltage power line will be transferred underground. The investment value is 1,270,209 Euros including VAT, of which 85% ERDF, 13% financing from the Romanian Government and the remainder is own contribution of Salonta Municipality.

The centre will offer information to locals and tourists about the local natural values, the species that live in the area and the ways they can be protected. Educational and scientific programmes will be organised here throughout the year both indoors and outdoors, and opportunities will be provided for leisure time for students, families, tourists and locals alike.


Salonta City Hall