About us

About us

ROHU-14 – The Nature Corner: natural values in two country corners

Name: "Conservation, protection and promotion of the natural values from the Salonta-Békéscsaba crossborder area, ROHU-14 – The Nature Corner"

Financer: The European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, with the support of the Governments of Romania and Hungary, through the Interreg V-A Romania-Hungary Program, which aims at cross-border cooperation for the effective protection and use of shared values and resources.

Duration: 54 months (launching date: the 1st of March 2018 - end date: the 31st of August 2022)

Budget: 2 997 387.86 euro - out of which ERDF is 2 547 779.68 euro

Partners: The project is based on a public-private cross-border partnership in the field of conservation and promotion of common natural heritage.

Main overall objective: the sustainable use of joint natural heritage within the Salonta-Békés cross-border area by improving the conservation status and by promoting natural values in an integrated way.

Main activities:

  • Nature conservation: eliminating the physical barriers from the Great Bustards' habitat (6 km of medium voltage power lines will be placed underground), the reduction of the number of natural predators of Great Bustards (during the nesting period), ecological restauration of some Natura 2000 areas from the Salonta - Békés area
  • Education and Awareness: promoting local values through activities for various target groups (teachers, children, farmers, local population), exchange of experiences with other experts
  • Tourism: the construction and development of tourist information centers both in Salonta and Békés, the development of themed routes, the construction of an observation point for Great Bustard and other species in Salonta.