Békés-Dánfok Visitor Centre Has Been Renewed

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16 October 2020

Békés Town is active in four intervention areas within the ROHU-14 project

Békés-Dánfok Visitor Centre Has Been Renewed

1. The Békés-Dánfok Visitor Center – Growing Unique Protected Species for Gene Protection Purposes

The Békés-Dánfok youth camp is located near the Kettős-Körös river, on the other side of the dam. The main building of the camp underwent conversion and renewal commissioned by the Békés municipal administration. The purpose of the visitor centre is to provide visitors with detailed information about the city’s nature conservation areas, local natural values, flora and fauna. A conference room was set up within the visitor centre, providing space for conferences, awareness-raising events, green schools, eco-club activities, exchanges of experience, and workshops.

Detailed information about the marked hike trails are available for anyone interested, thus each nature enthusiast can choose the trail that most suits their interests and skills/preparedness; the trail can be explored by foot, bicycle or on water. Also, hiking equipment can be rented here if needed. The camp is bordered on both sides by the river, and across the stream, by arable land and grassland.

2. The Creation and Rehabilitation of Educational Trails

One of the local natural values is the Élővíz Channel. The educational trail will be set up and rehabilitated in the section between the Csók Bridge, and the Erzsébet Park Bridge. By taking a short walk, visitors and town dwellers will be able to gather in-depth information about the town's natural values, their location and sites throughout the town.

Nature trails or themed routes help communities living in the areas adjacent to parks to identify natural assets and value them. Becoming aware of the local natural values empower communities to look after them.

The channel flows through the centre of Békés in a widened basin. The urban section equipped with bays and beaches offers many programs, mainly fishing competitions for children, boating, canoes, family walks and biking, as well as various school programs. The sections flowing out-of-town are narrower and are endowed with rich vegetation interrupted by the coasts, farms and fishing areas, or paved hiking trails. The full length of the channel, i.e. over 37 kilometres, can be accessed by canoe, probably the best option to admire the protected natural values.

The themed routes start at the Békés-Dánfok Visitor Center and they can be chosen according to participants' interest and preparedness. Bicycles and boats are available.

3. Presentation of the NATURA 2000 Protected Areas along the Kettős-Körös River and of their Species

The Kettős Körös floodplain and water surface which is located on the administrative territory of the town is a NATURA 2000 site, thus, their protection and development is an essential nature conservation activity.

4. Presentation and Protection of the Local Natural Values


More information on bekesrohu14.hu.